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Here's a little platformer game for Commodore Amiga made with Scorpion Engine

The game is still in early development and has no name yet. You can download the ADF file and play it through emulators (WinUAE, FSUAE..) or, if you have the possibility, play it on a real Amiga!

The game has been tested working on machines from Amiga 500 (1Mb) to expanded Amiga 4000. Of course the game results more enjoyable on accelerated machines.


  • with any Amiga joystick: A to interact, B (or UP) to jump
  • with emulators/keyboard: numpad 4-8-6  to move, numpad 5 to interact with objects  



What's new (v0.1e, latest):

  • fixed palette errors from previous release 
  • fixed enter/exit house transition and player animation 
  • added crab enemy (jump on it to stun it)
  • added random birds
  • minor optimizations


What's new (v0.1d):

  • added splash screen (temporary) and menu 
  • merged interior and exterior maps for seamless transition 
  • test with different palette for more colors
  • more improvements and fixes
  • NOTE: entering and exiting the house affects the player animations for a couple of seconds (fix still in progress)


Special Thanks:

GrafxKid for his amazing assets

Erik Hogan for Scorpion Engine and his precious support

Updated 5 days ago
Published 18 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags16-bit, amiga, amiga-rom, Colorful, Cute


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I have just downloaded your demo and I must say it is very promising. As soon as the game is finished, I will buy it for some serious money. Thank you for your work! Predseda / Lemon Amiga

Thank you for your appreciation! :)

Ich warte mal ab bis es fertig ist. Der erste Eindruck ist schon ganz gut, vielleicht gibt es  auch mal wieder ein Coop Jump and Run simultan. Oder eine Arte Karte wie in Mario 3 plus Saveoption .... na ich lasse mich überraschen.

I played the game on my A600 with Furia. Plays very nice. The GFX is stunning! and everything is very smooth. Great work! Looking forward to follow the project as this can be a very good game. 

Thanks a lot! I'm trying to submit at least one update per week so stay tuned :)

That is great to hear :) Looking forward to follow it. 

il nome neesogames mi fa ritornare in mente fnxgames dell'epoca homebrew gba :)

Madooo, bei tempi! :D