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Super Delivery Boy is a new family-friendly platformer game in development for Commodore Amiga made with Scorpion Engine, inspired by the classic japanese platformers from Konami and Hudson Soft. 

You can download the ADF file and play it via emulators (WinUAE, FSUAE..) or, if you have the possibility, play it on a real Amiga! Workbench friendly LHA archive coming soon!

The game should work on any Amiga with 1 or more Mb of RAM but, to enjoy the best experience, expanded machines (CPU > 68000, FastRAM) are highly raccomanded!


  • With Joystick: A (fire1) to jump, B (fire 2)  to interact with objects
  • ESC/Backspace: goes back from options and credits to main menu, then quits the game


It's been 2 years since the last update, sorry for that!!

Despite the lack of public updates, the game has been constantly improved with better gameplay and new features even if at lower pace. I committed almost 50 changelists since the last public demo! There might be some minor bugs but overall the game is quite stable.


What's new (trying to keep it short):

  • Animated Main Menu with options (music and sound volumes are saved on disk)
  • Up to 64 colors on screen (EHB mode) 
  • Every level (but the interiors) have multi layer parallax scrolling
  • Mission hub 
  • New tiles, platforms, visual and sound effects
  • Overall game rebalanced
  • .. and, as usual, a lot more for you to find out!


Future plans:

  • The game will feature 4 main levels based on the 4 seasons
  • Each level will feature different enemies, puzzles, secrets and so on
  • The level in the demo can be identified with spring, summer level will be in the next public release, then hopefully the remaining levels will be released on season change but I can't promise!


Special Thanks to:

Everyone who donated for this game! You are awesome!

GrafxKid for his amazing assets

Erik Hogan for Scorpion Engine and his precious support

Per-Ola Eriksson and Saberman for their YouTube videos

Indie Retro News for the game updates coverage

All the amazing Commodore Amiga community worldwide!


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

SDB_Demo_2023_v3.adf 880 kB
SuperDeliveryBoy_Old_Demo.adf 880 kB


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Last demo stuck on a black screen after the Scorpion Engine logo, while the older ones run fine.
I'm using retroarch p-uae.

I've no idea why that should happen because I don't have such setup to test on. My guess is p-uae is set to use no Fast RAM? Try adding more RAM (like 2+ Mb)  or select a higher configuration such as A1200 instead of A500

yep! All fine now. "Problem" was the previous demo was a lha, so A1200 was used by default. This one is adf and A500 was used by default.


This looks super! Possible I can ask some questions for our ZZAP! AMIGA magazine? please drop me a mail: jazzcat64@gmail.com

Thanks! Will send you an email asap :)

Awesome, cheers. :)

Heya, unsure if you sent it?

Excellent game! Super cute, great difficulty level - excited for the final release.

Very nice game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 02:02:20. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

A great new game demo!

Many thanks Saberman!

Super cool! I love the style of the game.

I tried the first demo version, but I won't try to other one(s), as I don't want to spoil me and wait for the final release. :-)

Thanks for the feedback!


I'm not nagging, but any progress on this one? It plays so nicely.

Hi, it is in very slow development as other priorities took all my free time, it has already improved a lot since the last demo but level design is not ready for a new public demo unfortunately

Thanks :O)

Very nice and playable demo. Graphics are perfect and sound is excellent. Well done NeesoGames!

Thanks a lot!

hi, i've tried a few times to contact you - not sure if you've seen the messages.  I have hacked, quite extensively, Jackal for the NES.  I have a full level, BG graphics, and sprite editor, and the entire source code decompiled by hand.  If you'd like to collaborate, of just want some of the info i have, feel free to reach out.  jpetheman@hotmail.com and RayOfJay on discord.  Im in the nesdev server.

Sorry man! Didn't see the messages and just got a baby so no too much time right now... Jackal is a great game, good luck and hope some other people will join you! Happy Holidays :-)

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It's out there now!


Heh, great work, congrats ! It's a great showcase of the Scorpion engine. The best I've seen so far ! So much great work was kinda "wasted" for people who made use of backbone for their games. This engine pays justice to both your work and the Amiga :)


Thanks for your comment! Scorpion Engine is the real deal and I am sure we will have a lot of fresh games to play on our Amigas :)

Thanks for the Donation NeesoGames, was totally unexpected! I wish you every success with Super Delivery Boy, it looks super cool so far! :)

My pleasure, thanks for all the news you post about my game!

Very excited to play this, great work!

Thanks a lot! :)


I need physical copy!


It is planned :)

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Such a great little game. It is perfectly playable either from my A4000 / 060 all the way to my CDTV with a plain 68000...  Great colorful graphics, cute characterss and amazing playability . Looking forward to the finished product... Keep up with the good work!!!  :-D

Thanks for your feedback, great to know it works well on every model, kudos to Scorpion Engine :) I will do my best to deliver a quality game for the Amiga community to enjoy!

I love the fact people are still developing such great games for the good old Amiga computer. Can't await playing the finished game on my Amigas! I hope you'll make good progress. I've mentioned your project in the Amiga Future News: https://www.amigafuture.de/app.php/newsportal/?start=0&ulg=en&news_id=38788

Thank you!! Super appreciated! The comment, the article and the donation! I'm doing my best to continue the development until the game is complete :)

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I would like to get in contact with you regarding the possibility of a future boxed release of the game. If you are interested of course. Unfortunately I can't find any contact possibilities than the comment function. If you like, please write me a short e-mail: bartosz([AT])amigafuture([DOT])de :)

email sent! :)

Small gameplay (new demo):

You played the the first levels perfectly, very good! Thanks for the video!

It's a very good game! Good graphic , good music and good programming, keep going on!

Thank you very much!

I have just downloaded your demo and I must say it is very promising. As soon as the game is finished, I will buy it for some serious money. Thank you for your work! Predseda / Lemon Amiga

Thank you for your appreciation! :)

Ich warte mal ab bis es fertig ist. Der erste Eindruck ist schon ganz gut, vielleicht gibt es  auch mal wieder ein Coop Jump and Run simultan. Oder eine Arte Karte wie in Mario 3 plus Saveoption .... na ich lasse mich überraschen.

I played the game on my A600 with Furia. Plays very nice. The GFX is stunning! and everything is very smooth. Great work! Looking forward to follow the project as this can be a very good game. 

Thanks a lot! I'm trying to submit at least one update per week so stay tuned :)

That is great to hear :) Looking forward to follow it. 

il nome neesogames mi fa ritornare in mente fnxgames dell'epoca homebrew gba :)

Madooo, bei tempi! :D