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Would be possible to have a better Street Fighters 2 on the Amiga?  

This is an attempt to recreate a simple combat for testing purposes using the Scorpion Engine and it came out very promising, even thou there is no intention to continue working on it. 

Maybe someone can take inspiration and work on a full remake? The Amiga community would be amazed :)))

The game is very buggy but allowes basic moves like walk, jump/fall, punch, kick hadouken and shoryuken. 

The moves can be performed only on the keyboard 

  • Z=Punch
  • X=Kick
  • Forward + C = Shoryuken
  • Backward + C = Hadouken

Works on any Amiga with at least 1.5Mb of RAM, best results with at least 1Mb of fast RAM.

/**** FINAL TECH DEMO RELEASE 26/10/2022 ****/

This is the very final release of this tech demo, no more updates will ever happen as there is no reason to further add content. Last changes:

- Added Shoryuken move and sound to Ryu

- Special moves are mapped to "Forward + C" (Shoryuken) and "Backward + C" (Hadouken)

- Added more energy to Ken to have more fun

- Added some grace time after Ken dies before playing the winning stance

- A bit more accurate parallax scrolling values

- Fixed bug where punch and kick animation could be performed mid air

- Fixed initial camera position jump after fade in

Source code for this project will be available soon on the Scorpion Engine Unofficial Demos repository, feel free to grab it and go banana :)

Thanks to all the people that followed the evolution of the project and commented (positively or negatively). This demo reactions really tell how much people would love to have a proper SF2 game and how many teenage wounds are still open and bleeding because of U.S. Gold ;)


This is only a tech demo and is NOT INTENDED to be a finished product and WILL NEVER BE. THIS PROJECT IS CLOSED.

Copyright for SF2 ip and materials goes to the respective owners.  

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Tags2D, Amiga, amiga-rom, Beat 'em up


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Very interesting approach :)  this game mind-blew me completly away in some bar in France. I loved it playing on SNES of various friends. As it finally came out for the AMIGA, I couldn't wait to play at home on my Amiga 500, of course. All I can remeber is: PAIN...

I really like your version so far. Especially the sound effects are well-made ;)

I guess we all come from the same experience, that is why I made this demo, to try to give justice to our horrible memories :)

Final Tech Demo! Awesome!

Thanks man, as usual you are amazing :)

Update 20.10.2022

Awesome again man, thanks a lot, video link on game page updated again :)

I'd be really interested in your assets to plug into my own SF2 BB2 engine.  Is this possible?  Mine is similar to your Scorpion one but has parallax floor and I was aiming for AGA.

Hi Havie55, those are not really my assets, I'm just using sprites and background from the SNES version as-is, didn't touch anything graphically. You can find them here https://www.spriters-resource.com/snes/streetfighteriistreetfighteriiturbo/

Thanks.  How did you do the background parallax?  Is it made from sprites as I am guessing that you are not using dual playfield mode?My effort used two 16 colour playfields and if I were to go further I would use sprites for one of the characters which would all 16 colours per character (one sharing with the foreground) and 16 colours for the background.

I'll continue to hope someone will see these videos and then will decide to make a full remake of SFII ;)
Anyway, thx man for this!

That's my hope as well, we all deserve a good SF2 on Amiga!

Great update!

Thanks Saberman!

This is neat ... Would have been nice if it had been meant to become a full product.


hehe, I love how you use the word "probably" ;P

Nice, I've beaten the absolute cr@p out of Ken, but he won't drop lol! Nice Job! Feels like arcade quality

Yes, that's one of the few things I can add to the demo, kill Ken and restart.. let's see, no promises ;)

That's amazing! What's about a better Battletoads on the Amiga? ;)

Sorry, not on my radars..