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Would be possible to have a better Street Fighters 2 on the Amiga?  

We attempted to recreate a simple combat for testing purposes using the Scorpion Engine and it came out very promising, even thou there is no intention to continue working on it. 

Maybe someone can take inspiration and work on a full remake? The Amiga community would be amazed :)))

The game is very buggy but allowes basic moves like walk, jump/fall, punch, kick and hadouken. 

The moves can be performed only on the keyboard 

  • Z=Punch, 
  • X=Kick
  • C=Hadouken

Works on real hardware (tested on Amiga500+ and 600 with Furia).

/**** GAME UPDATED 27/04/2021 ****/

Probably the last update that will happen on this demo:

- added VS screen with sound

- you can now defeat Ken

- added Ryu winning stance

- added ending screen with sound

Have fun!


This is only a tech demo and is not intended to be a finished product and will never be.

DO NOT ask for improvements, there won't be any.

Comments requesting additional features will be ignored.

Copyright for SF2 goes to the respective owners.  


street_fighter_test.adf 880 kB


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hehe, I love how you use the word "probably" ;P

Nice, I've beaten the absolute cr@p out of Ken, but he won't drop lol! Nice Job! Feels like arcade quality

Yes, that's one of the few things I can add to the demo, kill Ken and restart.. let's see, no promises ;)

can i request..... just kidding!! mwwuuwhahaha 


That's amazing! What's about a better Battletoads on the Amiga? ;)

Sorry, not on my radars..