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Demo v.6

Thank you so much! :)

AWESOME!!!!  is there 2 Player support?

Thanks! For now player 2 is just teasing, I will try to add it whenever I will finish implementing the levels

Awesome - demo v.5



hi, this is RayOfJay.  I have decompiled the entirety of the NES Jackal game and am proceeding with a very ambitious hack.   If you would like some of the source or to collaborate -

Sorry for the late reply, I wrote you an email, thank you!

Brilliant game port!

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Thank you Saberman, super fast! But you forgot to record the intro (wait 7 seconds in the menu without interacting) ;-)

My mistake, there is a new gameplay - with an intro added :).

Tested on A1200 with ACA1221lc, works a charm. Is it normal that when I get to the two blue tanks I can do nothing?

Hi, thanks for testing Jackal! Yes it is normal because the boss fight was not implemented, I'm going to release a new demo later today where you can fight against the blue tanks so stay tuned! :)

Tested on real Amiga 500 (+512k) with gotek, and doesn't run, it stops after the S.E. logo.

Thanks for reporting it, I will do more tests on lower spec machines!

New gameplay from the last version of the demo:

Amazing game!

Thank you Saberman as usual :)

Really cool, looks amazing

Thank you!

Id love to do a video on this.  Its one of my favourite games Jackal and just recently found the NES version which is awesome too. I have downloaded the WIP and I have to say its spot on. Would it be ok to do a video on this? and also I could play test if you wanted, I play test for a few software houses now such as JoshProd and PixelHeart. Oh I'm Old Style Gaming from YouTube by the way .. let me know if you want me to promote this cos its class 

Thanks for your feedback! I would wait for new versions in the coming weeks as the current doesn't offer much, but if you really want feel free to do a video, up to you ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hey mate did this ever get an updated version ?

Since when? Since your last message it got a lot of updates, but not many in the last six months due to my job. From November I will have a lot of free time again so expect another update in the upcoming weeks :)

I've always loved Jackal - great game!

I love it too ๐Ÿ˜ and thanks for the video!

Looks cool. Played the NES version years ago and loved it.

Just seen mention of this game from the Amigabill Twitch stream. Looks awesome!

Thanks! I hope it will play awesome as well :)

Looks good, love the arcade and c64 version.

Thank you! Never played the C64 version but consumed the NES one!

Looking forward to it, looks nice!

Thank you!