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You got a Mail "delivered" to you ;)

The game is soooo cute :)  (my daughter loves it)

But there is a graphic glitch at the bottom of the Screen,

 at least of FPGA Mist/er and in my WinUAE setup.

Whats the reason for that ? Can you fix it pleeeaaaassseee ?   :)

That would be super sweet !!! (T_T)

ohhh btw; is there a full version of  Super Delivery Boy ?

I can´t find it; only the demo.

Anyway, greetings and all the best to all of you !

Have a nice Xmas season  :-)

Sorry for the late reply and glad you like the game :)

Can you be more specific on the bug? Are you using a NTSC screen?

If you could take a screenshot and send it to me I will try to fix the problem. Please send it at "hello [at]"

Super Delivery Boy is still under development, the available demo is very old.

SDB - update 2022.2

Cool, It would be even better with a 2 player mode. You could even incorporate that into the main game. Like in mario 3, where you could compete against each other.

Nice, but why isn't this available on Aminet in a convenient LhA-archive..?

Next update I will provide a workbench friendly lha archive as well

Thanks, I appreciate that. Also, that archive will automatically pop up in the Aminet RSS feeds giving the game some additional advertisement 👍.

Quittable to WB too? :)

Yes! New version will have the quit menu entry ;)

SDB - update

Thanks Saber!

is ther any way to play it on windows?

Yes ofc, use the WinUAE Amiga emulator

Great stuff, I will purchase now :-D

Thank you!

You're welcome, it's a lovely little addictive game :-D

Awesome, you are very productive @)

Thank you, I try :D

Lovely, can't wait to play it :D


A very fun game!


Oooooh! Christmas delivery boy!

Cheers :)